Nushine Anti-Ageing 5g x 30 Sachets


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Product description:

Nushine Anti-Ageing (5g X 30s) consists of powerful antioxidant agents that extract from food and herbs, which helps to inhibit the formation of free radicals and protect the body against ageing. Lighten skin pigmentation with L-Glutathione 200mg. Marine Collagen peptide (2000mg with 0.5K Dalton which enhance the maximum absorption level, to reduce fines line & wrinkle.


Powerful antioxidant
L-glutathione is powerful antioxidant and play role in nutrient metabolism and regulation of cellular event (gene expression, DNA and protein synthesis, cell growth).
Promote radiant and fair skin
A study in the December 2008 issue of Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry reports that acerola can suppress the synthesis of melanin, which gives the skin a “lightening” effect.
Aid in detoxification
Red beet root is a natural detoxifier and blood purifier.
Enhance collagen production in body
Acerola cherry and strawberry rice in vitamin C helps form collagen in body.

Main ingredients:

Marine Collagen (Fish) 2000mg
L-glutathione 200mg
Acerola cherry
Red beet root

Direction of use:

1 sachet a day. For best result take 2 sachets daily.
Mix I sachet with 100ml water, stir well and drink.
Preferably consume before breakfast or bedtime.

Pregnant women with breast feeding, best consult physician before taking any food supplement

Store in cool and dry place, avoid from direct/indirect heat and sunlight is recommended.





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