About Myhalmart

MYHALMART is a reliable and trusted Halal marketing platform masterminded to offer wide catalogue range of premium, quality, authentic and eco-friendly Halal products which meet the standard of HALALAN TOYYIBAN across all industries globally.

Our professional team establishes collaboration and business networks with manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, carefully selects, develops and markets Halal products of highest quality from trusted sources. All products listed in myhalmart are not only halal certified, but also verified by ISO 17025 accredited laboratory to authenticate the Halal status of the products.

All products are mandated to undergo stringent Halal evaluation process prior listing to ensure highest level of Halal integrity is maintained throughout the entire halal supply chain – from R&D, manufacturing, logistic, lab verification to shelf.

Through the implementation of Good Halal Practice, we desire to nurture a WHOLESOME Halal community towards propelling eco-friendly and harmonized Halal environment which supports sustainable development of global Halal industry.


Towards spearheading Halal market by centralizing and promoting wholesome Halal products to consumer worldwide and delivering sustainable Halal value from supply to market tonurture an eco-friendly Halal community and environment.


  • To be a leading marketing platform in promoting and selling eco-friendly Halal products and services
  • To ensure a constant growing stream of Halal products channeled and marketed to consumers
  • To nurture Halal entrepreneurs to develop businesses in Halal market segmentation
  • To enhance Halal awareness among Muslim and non-Muslim communities worldwide


  • To supply trusted Halal certified & Shariah-compliant products and services
  • To offer safe and streamlined halal shopping experience and after sale services to customers
  • To ensure highest level of halal integrity is maintained throughout the entire halal supply chain
  • To grow with our business partners to build the brands and business of halal products and services