Nushine Nanollagen Collagen Drink 15ml x 36 bottles


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Product description:

Nushine Nanollagen comes in a concentration form of collagen drink. Through latest technology formulation from Korea, the usual size of the Marine Collagen Peptide Molecular weight is reduced to 0.5K Dalton. Regular intake of Nushine Nanollagen helps skin regain firmer, smoother and radiant condition in just weeks.


  • Reduce the formation of freckles
    Marine collagen with molecular weight 500 dalton, ideal for excellent digestion and absorption in gastro-intestinal tract to remain firm and youthful skin
  • Reduce skin inflammation
    Contains Bromelain and Papain, which is mainly help in reducing skin inflammation while papain is good for shedding the damaged cells.
  • Improve cell metabolism
    Brown Rice Extract rice in Vitamin B1, B3, B6, which assist cell metabolism.
  • Accelerate healing of skin cell
    Anti-microbial properties of natural honey are good for repairing the damaged cells and accelerate the healing of skin cells.

Main ingredients:

  • Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen (Fish)
  • Brown Rice Extract
  • Mixed Fruit Enzyme
  • Silk Peptide
  • Natural Honey

Direction of use:

  • New User (1st 6 days): Consume consecutively 2 bottles a day, 1 before breakfast and 1 before bedtime.
  • Regular User (After 6 days): Consume 2 bottles every alternate day.
  • Shake well before drinking. Keep chilled for delicious taste.

Pregnant women with breast feeding, best consult physician before taking any food supplement

Store in cool and dry place, avoid from direct/indirect heat and sunlight is recommended.

All natural ingredients may cause slight discoloration and taste. It does not affect the quality of the product. No artificial colorant and no additives.

Nutritional Information/ Maklumat Pemakanan

Serving size: 1 bottle (15ml)
Serving per box: 36 bottles

[intense_table columns=”,PER SERVING 15ML,PER 100ML” data=”Energy/ Tenaga (kcal) ,33,221,Carbohydrate/ Karbohidrat (g) ,6.9,46.2,Fat/ Lemak (g) ,0.1,1.1,Sugar/ Gula (g) ,6.9,46,Protein/ Protein (g) ,1.4,9,,,,,,”]

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