Great Tips For Your Laundry Chores

We share some of the best tips that will make your laundry easier and well-organized.

  • Select the Right Detergent. Powder detergent works well for general loads but could face difficulty to dissolve well in cold water. Liquid detergent is best for pretreating stains because it typically formulated with enzymes.
  • Use Less Detergent. Overdosing detergent can produce so many foam that they trap soil allowing it to redeposit on laundries. Try using one-half less than the suggested amount and your clothes will look better and you’ll save money.
  • Catch Stains Quickly. As soon as possible after stains occur, rinse or soak the cloth in cold water, apply a stain remover and get it into the washer.
  • Keep Whites Looking Bright. Basic rule to follow, never mix the whites cloth with really dirty cloth (even from white garments). Also, consider to soak the whites in warm water instead of cold water.
  • Reduce Fading. Turning dark-colored clothes inside out before washing you can avoid abrasion and wear to fabric surfaced that cause dull appearances.
  • Reduce Wrinkles. Use a fabric softener or dryer sheet to aid lessen fabric wrinkles and choose the lowest dryer temperature setting possible that will still get the job done. Always take out clothing from the dryer quickly when dry and immediately fold or hang.

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