Surprising Beauty Benefit of Surya Apple Cider Vinegar wth Natural Honey

Try one of the best beauty hacks with Surya Apple Cider Vinegar and Natural Honey. You will be surprised on they can do to transform your skin, in a good way.
Try this useful tip:
• Mix ½ cup each of Surya Apple Cider Vinegar with Natural Honey and filtered water.
• Apply this solution on your skin using a cotton ball.
• Leave it on for a couple of minutes, then rinse it off with cool water.
• You can use it once or twice a day.

The result? Apple cider vinegar is good for people who have oily skin, thanks to its astringent properties. Besides, it is a rich source of alpha hydroxy acids that increase blood flow to the skin and minimize pores. Plus, it regulates the pH level of your skin.

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